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Highly Personalizable
Send invite in seconds
Instant RSVP alert
Adapts to multiple devices
Play background music
Mobile (android) app.
Online guestbook
Receive pics from guests
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Him: "Will you marry me?"
Her: "Yes!!!"
The joy and beauty of a man and a woman becoming one!

But this is just the beginning. Now follows the preparation for your wedding, and one of the most important things to take care of is inviting your guests and giving them all of the information they will need to know about the wedding.

That is where we here at Our Beginnings come in. We offer you the ability to create a website that is tailor made for you. With our services you will be able to do the follow:

  • Create your own personalized website
  • Send invites to your guests in seconds
  • Keep track of, and receive notifications to, RSVPs
  • Have a website that adapts to various devices
  • Have background music of your choice playing.
  • Get a mobile app (android) that your guests can use to easily access your info
  • Let guests write their message to you on an online guestbook
  • Let guests upload pictures that they took at the wedding


Highly personalizable
Send invites
Keep track of RSVPs
Adapts to various devices
Play background music
Mobile app
Electronic guestbook
Pictures from guests

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